Green tea leaves contain good health and beauty

I think many people in the world know that Japan has Old habits of drinking green tea, Among them, matcha is popular. However, for Japanese people, matcha is expensive, rarely drink. Green tea is an essential drink for Japanese,but the used tea leaves of green tea contain many ingredients that are good for health. However, tea leaves are thrown away at most homes. It is very wasteful to throw away the tea leaves.


Stimulate "UMAMI" the fifth taste

Glutamic acid contained in green tea and kelp is mixed with inosinic acid contained in animal food, and the umami is dramatically enhanced, and “synergy of umami” occurs. This seasoning can only be tasted when used for cooking. Please use it for cooking.


How do you eat all the tea leaves?

I developed all-purpose seasoning.I use the less bitter part of high-quality green tea leaves considering people who are not good for bitter taste of Matcha. Also, mix many kinds of spices.


What is important for food?

I care about additives and preservatives in food.That's the same with Everyone again,right? Because additives are said to lead to various body disorders.


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(ingredient)Salt, Green Tea, Sesame, White pepper, Black pepper, Paprika, Kelp

tow spice

Tow kinds of all-purpose seasoning

There are two types of all-purpose seasoning.The one is base on gluten-free rice flour and the another base on bread crumbs,this is well with fish dishes and meat dishes.he freshness date while it unopened is 1 year